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Hola Glam Fam!

Me after my first full set!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to get eyelash extensions?

Celebrities and socialites have been getting the service for awhile now;but they've become increasingly popular for those who want to wake up with big,beautiful and luxurious lashes!

I've been wanting to try to them for sometime now;working in the beauty industry many of my clients and friends have them.

I have very thin,sparse lashes so having extensions was always appealing to me.

I had an amazing opportunity to get lash extensions,so I'll cover the basics as well as my experience!

My lash technician is the amazing Cyn from Sinful lashes.

So you're taking the plunge..what to do prior to your appointment:

Make sure you wear minimal makeup.

Bring headphones if you wish (an initial full set could range from 1-2 hours)

Wear something comfortable.

Now you're ready!

Your lash tech will ask you what type of lashes you prefer.

I chose a "babydoll" open my eyes more and look more fun & flirty.

During the application process,the lash technician will apply pad/tape to your lower lashes..then start adding synthetic/natural lashes to your by one.

Most people fall asleep,as you're on a comfortable massage type table,and it's not painful at all.

When we were finished with my lashes for the first time,I was amazed!

The volume,length and everything I had desired for my eyes was what I hoped for and more!

It would take me 5-6 coats of mascara or a pair of false lashes to equal how my lashes look.

Cyn was very professional,efficient and always makes sure you are satisfied (how could I not be?!).


You can't get the lashes wet 24-48 hours while the glue sets.

You must use an oil free make-up remover,and be gentle on your eyes.

Your lashes have a growth phase where they shed naturally,so don't be alarmed when lashes fall out from time to time..they do shed anyway you just don't notice it as much.

You can expect to get a fill every 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows/sheds.

Some things to consider before getting extensions are maintenance and cost.

You can't be harsh on your eyes/lashes.

Cyn from Sinful Lashes has extremely reasonable pricing compared to what some people charge;and she can come to you! 

Once you get them,you'll be addicted and won't want to go without them!

The amount of money you'll save by not purchasing mascara every month is well worth having extensions,not to mention you can go swimming and do other activities without getting panda eyes!

Overall, I am very happy with the extensions,I can wake up and wear less eye makeup because my lashes make my eyes pop.

Check out Sinful Lashes By Cyn..she's in the Tampa/Brandon area and does travel!

She's also a very talented Makeup artist & Hair Stylist!

Here's her contact info:

Let her know Sarah from Sweet Glamour Makeup referred you for a special rate!


Sarah Nikole

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