Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Shea Terra Organics

I was provided these products for consideration;here's my review!

It's an incredible face wash that truly does what it says.

I was amazed how it literally cleared out the pores in my nose and chin! 

The secret to its effectiveness is the African Black Soap,combined with Rose Hip oil.

It's for all skin types and especially helps with problematic Acne skin.

I like the fact that it's natural ingredients and not harsh chemicals.

Black African Soap has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times.

The only thing I noticed when I used this,is that it does make my face more dry and a bit red.

(Its a natural side effect) since the product is drawing out the impurities in the skin.

It's a small price to pay for when I rehydrate my skin with the Shea Terra oil,its plump and healthy looking.

This is the one product the creator of the brand,Tammie told me she can't live without.

I can definitely see why!

For only $18 ,it's a life changing product that gives you immediate results!

After cleansing my face in the shower,

It's surprisingly lightweight and sinks it the skin.

It's 100% pure cold-pressed from unrefined passionfruit seeds,and is more emollient than Argan oil.

It makes my skin glow,without feeling greasy or too heavy.

With the purchase of this oil,proceeds go back to the Rwanadan community who grow the Vitamin C rich Passionfruit,and helps support them.

I love this brand and I will be purchasing more products soon!

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Sarah Nikole

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