Friday, April 25, 2014


Fun fact:I got to do the makeup for this model on their website,Meaghan!

If you're like me,you may have tucked in your bra straps to go with that cute halter or summer dress.

I'm sad to say I've never owned a strapless bra..there doesn't seem to be many stores that carry them-
cute ones that is!

Now theres no need to worry-I've found the perfect solution..


This is a such a unique innovation,because the actual bra is self-adhesive,literally no more straps or backs!

It clips in the front and supports itself-how unique is that?!

They come in so many cute styles,colors and sizes..
dare I say you may even wear them as a bathing suit top for no more tan lines?

The prices are reasonable too,and the company offers free shipping over $40 or more.

The nice folks at Strapless Fashion sent me this style-
its called "Maid for you"..
I absolutely love it!

They're also kindly offering a coupon code for the rest of April for my readers!

SAVE 25% with coupon code: fashion2

Check out their Website,Facebook & Twitter,Instagram!

What do you think about strapless bras?

Sarah Nikole

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