Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My friend had Seashell acrylic nails before and I thought the concept was really cool.

I was at the nail shop,going to get my usual Shellac (gel nails) done,as I've had acrylics many times before,but stop doing them because they were seemingly more damaging than gel.

Once I saw the model nails,and that you could use glitter with it,I was smitten!

The nails have such a unique look to them.

It is a tedious process though;it took almost an hour and a half and I was going stir crazy!

I noticed the brand they were using was Glam and Glits,

called "Fantasy Acrylic" for those of you who love DIY.

Overall I love them,and may switch to doing the Seashell Acrylics from now on!

What's your choice of nail design/application?


Sarah Nikole

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