Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hi friends!
I have an exciting,different type of review for you today.
Recently,I was selected as a model for a new hair extension system Aveda created,called Vomar Tape-In.
It was at Level Salon in South Tampa.
The salon ambience was so delightful,they offered me a drink and were so welcoming.
Nic was very cordial and delightful!
I normally use clip-ins,halo couture hair extensions,and I've also tried Microlink which weren't ideal for my hair type..I couldn't sleep well in them and they ripped out my hair.
I had surgery on my scalp three different times,leaving scarring and causing my hair to grow in thinner,not to mention I've always been bleaching and coloring my hair since I was 13,so needless to say it's taken a beating so I've opted for hair extensions to give me the volume and length that I've desired.
I've heard of tape-ins as I have a few friends who do them and love them,so I figured why not give it a try!
With the new Aveda system,they have two lengths to choose from,12"and 16".
I went for the 12" so it would look more natural and be easier to maintain.
We chose a mixture of a light golden blonde to blend it with my hair.

This is what some of the hair looks like before application;cut into sections to blend in nicely.

These are the final results!

Nic also curled my hair and I love how it came out! 
It feels weightless,and gives you perfect length and volume.
I've received many compliments;the tape ins look and feel very natural..people couldn't even tell!

I would highly recommend trying The Vomar system,the price is inexpensive compared to other types of hair extensions,and are minimally damaging to the hair as opposed to keratin bonded extensions.

If you're in Tampa,stop by and get pampered at Level Salon to see Nic!

Check out their website here!

Have you tried extensions? What are your favorite type?

I'd love to know!

Sarah Nikole

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