Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Hi friends,
I thought I'd share an interesting experience with you.
Recently,I came across some of Joe Rogan's videos,and other information about Isolation tank/Sensory deprivation which intrigued me.
I've always been a free spirit,and willing to try things at least once (within reason).
The benefits of a flotation tank seemed like it would provide me with relief from anxiety,pain,and get a chance to experience what it would be like to feel weightless,since in a floatation tank,you are able to feel like there's no gravity..due to the amount of espom salts dissolved in the tank (about 800 lbs.),your body literally floats!
It was quite interesting to say the on to get the deets.
Floatation therapy is often used for meditative purposes;many athletes,musicians,actors and many others have reported being more creative or efficient.
It has been used for decades in numerous studies,experiments and for many reasons.
We as humans actually crave sensory perception,and when that is removed (sight,smell,touch,sound)..all you're left with is your thoughts which become more profound.
Some people,however,can experience great anxiety in the tanks..especially if you're claustrophobic.

I wanted to get many benefits from this experience,and that I did!
The salt detoxifies your body,helps with body pain (I have herniated discs in my neck & back).

I did some searching for locations that offer this service in florida,and to my surprise,there weren't many.

I opted for Mindspa in Sarasota.

It was $50/hr.for a float.

Before you enter the tank,you must take a shower and wash thoroughly to remove any oils from the body,and also after to remove the excess salt on your body and hair (which is alot!).

I also used the earplugs provided to give me the complete experience of sensory deprivation.
I undressed,and entered the tank..which was completely black,and closed the tank door.
I immediately panicked,feeling enclosed,but swung the door opened and realized I'd be OK.
I closed the tank door,took a deep breath, and let my body immerse in the feeling of being weightless,which is quite amazing.
Everyone's experience in the tank is unique;which is nice.
It took me a little while to relax,but once I did,I just felt relieved to be away from the world,where it felt almost like time stood still.
I had many profound thoughts,deep clarity,which I hadn't been in tune with before.
It's very hard to describe the experience but I can't wait to do it again!
I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Here's some photos of the MindSpa Samadhi tank,and I'll also put a link below to Joe Rogan's youtube video which inspired me to give it a try.

Joe Rogan's video:
Samadhi Tank Info

Have you ever tried sensory deprivation? What was your experience?
If not,would you try it?
I'd love to know!

Sarah Nikole

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