Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey lovelies!

Hope you're all doing well!
I woke up today not feeling so well,as you know the sickness has been going around :(
I've been meaning to do a review/post on my new makeup setup that my BF got me for Christmas!
I really loved my rolling drawer unit that I had,but truth is,it wasn't large enough for my ever growing makeup collection..(99 problems but makeup ain't one!)
It started getting wobbly,and the drawers were harder to open because they were so full,so everything got kind of thrown around.
I had been eyeing the IKEA ALEX unit for quite awhile,and was thrilled when I saw that big package!
It took my BF and I about an hour to assemble,as with IKEA's furniture,it's all DIY.

I am truly in love with this holds so much!
I would love to get another one as well,as I've already filled it to the brim with cosmetics!
It has 9 drawers,smaller at the top then progressively larger at the bottom.
He paid $119 for this,and when I bought the rolling storage it was about $50+.
Everything feels much more secure,and I've been buying different containers to separate products into.

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You can purchase this unit at IKEA.

What do you use for makeup storage? What do you think about the Ikea Alex?


Sarah Nikole

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