Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello blogging world,how have you been?
Once again,I've mysteriously vanished for a few months..
but only from here ;0)
You know,I've just been living la vida loca!
So,let's have a recap of my life recently..

Went blonder!

Got a new glittery Jimmy Choo :)

Living life to the fullest.

Not a care in the world..

Won a billboard contest in Tampa for
More info to follow ;)

Another night,another dance floor.

Good times w/good friends!

My heart skips,skips a beat..

Baby blondie!

Still obsessed!

So as you can see,i've been quite busy LOL.
One day I'll get back to making some youtube videos,time will only tell when!

Miss you alll & feel free to email me anytime!

Sarah Nikole

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