Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hello friends,

I am back.It's been quite awhile.I had hit a ROUGH patch or a "twenty-life crisis",and I've had so many life transitions..settling into a new place and hanging out with friends,and of course working a ton.I feel so sad I haven't had time to make videos or update my blog,but now that the whirlwind has become more calm,I should be able to keep up..we'll see I suppose :)

Here's some of my life in pictures:

Went blonder.

Poppin bottles.

Got the bouquet..who will be the victim haha.

Living it up!

VIP all day baby!

Hung out with mermaids.

Given to my by a true.

More is to come soon,I feel like life is getting better each day.

Sometimes we go through the darkness,can't find the light..with faith and time everything will be right!


Sarah Nikole

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