Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Naked Cosmetics Mineral Pigments. 100% Oxidized Mica. 6 colors come in each collection. All colors are individually lidded. Professional Mica Make-up Naked Cosmetics is the purest, most natural, high pigment Cosmetic line that exists. Naked Cosmetics Colors can be applied as Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lip Stick, Nail Polish, Blush, Bronzer, Temporary Hair Highlights...and MUCH MUCH more.

I've heard about Naked Cosmetics,but never knew what they were really about.
I saw some videos of their pigment stacks,and boy did it create some lemmings!
These puppies remind me of the True Colors from back in the day..

Naked Cosmetics has 100% pure mica pigments,and the colors are quite stunning!
They have an eclectic collection of colors to choose from as well!
The company has quite an online presence and at the beauty conventions..where they offer some deep discounts.

I discovered that they also offer a pro discount,which can be up to 50% off!
The only downside to these pigments are the price;One stack of 6 colors will set you back $59.99,but with 1/2 off that's not too shabby!

The colours look amazing and I can't wait to try them!

I'm lusting after a few color collections;

Cotton Candy
Shock Effect
Tropical Indulgence

What do you think about Naked cosmetics?

You can purchase it here!

Sarah Nikole

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Adrienne said...

OMG I've wanted to try these for so long! I really want the shock effect and the twilight collection :)