Sunday, January 29, 2012


Did you ever sniff a perfume and it evokes nostalgic memories?
That's what Parfum De Couer Body Fantasies spray does for me!
I used to wear this body spray in middle school (Vanilla Fantasy & Cotton candy)..
I forgot how much I loved this stuff!
I randomly came across it again at CVS,and rediscovered its' magic!

Vanilla Fantasy has to be my all time favorite,such a classic fragrance.
The warm vanilla envelopes you in a cloud of creamy,vanilla bliss.
My only gripe is the lasting power,within an hour it seems to dissipate,so you have to keep reapplying.
It is a body spray however,so that is only to be expected.
Sugar Apple Fantasy is equally amazing,is literally smells like a caramel apple,the intial spray almost smelling toasted,it dries down to a sugared,glazed fruit.
It would be awesome if they created a matching lotion or cream to enhance longevity.
I will soon be doing a video review on these beautiful sprays!
I can't wait to get my hands on the Iced Cupcake fantasy!

 Sugar Apple is like biting into a sweet candy apple at a summer county fair. juicy red delicious and crisp green apples are blended with a flirty combination of pink apple blossom and sweet sugared vanilla. This fun, fruity fragrance will leave you feeling simply delicious.

This completely unique fragrance blends Sheer White Icing, Lucious Angel Food Cake, & Sugared Musk with ever popular Creamy Vanilla.

These are available at Walmart,CVS,and online here!

Which one is your favorite body spray? Which do you want to try?
Tell me!

Sarah Nikole

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