Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey guys & dolls!
I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's Eve/Day..I did!
My boyfriend's brother was staying with us for a few days,and we went to Lavish Nightclub 
(which my friend owns)
and we got to see the legendary George Acosta!
The music was great,we all had so much fun dancing the night away.
For my makeup,I did a glittery silver smokey eye,heavy liner,pink lips,and of course my fave #7 M.A.C Lashes.
I had my extensions curled for a soft,pretty look.
My boyfriend surprised me with a bottle of Pink Bubbly Moscato after a long day of work.
I believe I did about 6 appointment,and had a client come to my "studio" to do her makeup..
That was fun!
I wish everyone a healthy,happy,prosperous New Year..
A time for change,and to create great resolutions!

What did you do for New Years?

Sarah Nikole

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