Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hey friends! 
As most of you know,I'm addicted to change and organization.
I felt like my makeup storage needed a facelift,since my collection is growing rapidly and I feel like I'm running out of room.
I often wonder if one day I'll be featured on the show Hoarders,LOL.
I searched online for awhile,and debated between this and this mobile drawers and the IKEA Alex drawers.
I like the fact that you can move this around,and when I do client's makeup at my house,it would make reaching products more convenient.
It took my boyfriend and I about 20 minutes to put this together.It's a quite simple assembly.
This was about $45 including shipping.
It says it's white,but it's more of a translucent color to me,which I like.
I will be posting pictures of what I store in it soon.

You can purchase this here..

What kind of storage do you keep your makeup in?

Sarah Nikole

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