Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Based on the exquisite tradition of Kabuki theatre, a classical Japanese dance drama, this palette features six high-pigment cheek powders that let you play up your features like a true performance artist - or a gal who loves variety and just wants to look good.

The ultimate authority in blush, this limited-edition, mirrored holiday NARS compact features essential blush and bronzer shades, ranging from warm bronze and luminous highlighting hues to shockingly bright pink. This fashion-forward mix was created exclusively for Sephora.

The colors included are:

Hungry Heart (golden ivory)
                        Orgasm (peachy pink with golden shimmer)
Desire (cotton candy pink)
Sin (berry with gold shimmer)
Super Orgasm (peachy pink with gold glitter)
Casino (dark brown with golden shimmer)

I want to get this palette..it's so gorgeous!
Realistically,I need another blush like I need a hole inside my head.
I probably have over 100+ blushes..insane I know!
The makeup fiend inside of me is telling me this is essential to my kit.
For the price..you simply can't beat it!
Nars blushes are $27 a pop..not quite cheap,so that makes this palette a great value.
The only color I personally wouldn't use,would be Casino..it would be way too harsh on my porcelain skin..but would come in handy for makeup gigs.
Only time will tell if I purchase this..when and if I do,I will review!

Check out the palette here.

Sarah Nikole

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