Sunday, November 13, 2011


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Yesterday,My bf and I attended one of my good friend's wedding..
I've known her since middle school.
The cool thing is..
That I introduced her to her Polish husband :)
It's an amazing feeling that they actually met through me,
and now by the will of God they are married!
He said to me.."It's amazing how a few seconds can change your life"..
It instantly gave me goosebumps all over because I felt the same way when I met my bf..
It was such a gorgeous,traditional Polish wedding..with a 4-course meal,champagne,open bar (uh-oh lol)
About 160 people..
I did the makeup for the bride & 4 bridesmaids in the suite at 5am..:)
They all looked amazing,
and came over and complimented me,saying how flawless the makeup was,and how surprised the makeup stayed on!
I only have a few pics now,will get more when I receive the professional wedding pictures.
2 big weddings in 2 months? I love it!

Sarah Nikole

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