Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Quite some time ago,I had an obsession for Japanese makeup..

They have great products,in adorable packaging.

I came across Candy Doll,and it revived my love for Japanese beauty..

Candy Doll Cosmetics is a super cute brand from Japan!

Candy Doll is a makeup line produced by Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Candy Doll is her own personal line. In 2008, she made a tentative step into the makeup market with only two items: a lip concealer and gloss..

Now it features a range of face,lip,and eye products!

The packaging is really cute and unique,candy-striped on the containers.

I couldn't resist and placed an order on Sasa,luckily they were on sale as well!

These products are a bit expensive and hard to come by otherwise.

I ordered the powder foundation,and 2 blushes: Strawberry pink,and peach pink,

I will do a review once I receive them.

Have you tried Candy Doll or Japanese cosmetics?

What's your favorite item?

Sarah Nikole

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