Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hello again :)
I have lots of hauls to make posts about,but this is the one I'm soo excited about!
My bf & I were in a bad car accident recently,so I haven't been my normal self,but somehow he knows shopping cheers me up!
I got a whole new makeup setup!
I used to have the IKEA Vinstra dressing table,which was nice but I wanted something more sleek & elaborate..
My goal is to create a makeup studio style vanity.
He got me the IKEA Malm dressing table which is gorgeous,it has a glass top and a big pull out drawer.
I also got the 4 TOPS mirrors,just until I get the Vanity girl hollywood mirror :)
Here's a photo of my new setup!
I will make a storage/makeup collection video soon,as this isn't even 1/3rd of what I have!

I love seeing collection & storage videos! 

If you have any suggestions,let me know!

Sweet Glamour


Victoria said...

omg i cant wait till i see your makeup setup ,storage, collection =] my all time favorite videos to watch lol.

Sweet Glamour Makeup said...

Hey Vic! Heheh ya I'm def.going to make some videos..for storage you should check out the MUJI 5 drawers..they're similar to the clear cube that got famous from kim kardashian!