Sunday, September 18, 2011


Isn't this gorgeous vanity mirror to die for?
I thought so too!
After scouring the web for awhile,I've come across this..(about 2 years ago,lol)
I've been lusting after it ever since!
This gorgeous mirror will run $299,which is a small investment for a lifetime of glamour!
Being a makeup artist,having a quality mirror makes all the difference.
This lighting is adjustable which makes it even better!
When I do get one,I will definitely do a review!
This vanity girl mirror is even used by celebrities like Mariah Carey,Whitney Houston,Kim Kardashian,and many more!
They come in a variety of colours: Classic Black,Gloss White,or Silver.
I personally love the Classic Black,it's very Marilyn Monroe-esque!
This company based in Los Angeles,also sells vanity makeup tables!

Here's what Vanity Girl Hollywood says about this Table top mirror: 

Functional and classy, this premium lighted vanity mirror is perfect for any standard makeup station. Available in several different color combinations and embossed with our signature logo, the Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror is not only beautiful and tasteful, but functional too! Equipped with six globed, professional quality, dimming light bulbs, the 25" x 18" mirror offers enough soft, clean white light to illuminate skin tones and colors accurately, giving you control over every detail of your hair and makeup. This self-supporting lighted mirror system is ideal for discerning women and makeup artists who are set on creating a flawless look. Embrace your perfectionism with this glamour-inspiring table-top mirror.

Broadway Lighted Vanity Makeup Desk, $749

Overall I think these are well worth the price..feeling like Marilyn Monroe?

Order yours now at Vanity Girl Hollywood!

Sweet Glamour Makeup

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