Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Cake Batter,Chocolate Cupcakes,Strawberry licorice,
Coconut Bon Bon..oh my!

While Perusing Sephora's site,I discovered something amazing..
My beloved Dylan's Candy Bar products were on sale..dirt cheap!
The online selection has slowly been diminishing,however.
If you love gourmand type scents,you'll love Dylan's Candy bar.
I personally love the Birthday Cake Batter..it smells so edible,delicious..
Im almost tempted to grab a spoon & go to town :)
The Candy Butter Cream is amazing..so thick,rich and super hydrating.
Plus..who doesn't want to smell like a bakery?
I'd always been intrigued by the Chocolate cupcake (I've been having insane chocolate cravings for some reason..) as well as the Coconut Bon Bon.
I went to my local Sephora,and found tons of mostly everything..except Chocolate Cupcake.Just my luck!
I still came out pretty good though!

I purchased:

Birthday Cake Soda Pop Shower Gel
Birthday Cake Candy Butter Cream
Coconut Bon Bon Soda Pop Shower Gel
Coconut Bon Bon Candy Butter cream
Chocolate Cupcake Soda Pop Shower Gel
Chocolate Cupcake Candy Lip Saver
Strawberry Licorice Ice Cream Sugar Scrub
Strawberry Licorice Candy Butter Cream

The prices are insane! Retail ranged from $8-30.
I got everything for $4-5.50 each!
I went a little crazy and bought 2 of everything ..I figured I could always give them as gifts later on :)

I will give a more in-depth review later on.
In the meantime,you should snatch these up online or in your local Sephora.

Ciao for now,
Sarah aka Sweet Glamour <3

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