Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello Lovelies!

Long time no talk,Ive been away for quite awhile to due being very sick,
we found out there is mold growing from a leak in the bathroom (eww)
and its causing quite an array of illnesses :(
Im doing better now,and preparing to goto the airport for a MUCH needed vacation!
We're going outside Phoenix,Arizona to visit family and friends.
We're also going to the Grand Canyon,to see the London Bridge,and so much more!
Perhaps I'll get to try In N Out Burgers,and shop at Trader Joes!
I can't wait! :)
Im sad to leave my chihuahua Muffin,but I know he'll be in good hands!
I also got the cutest luggage ever!Its plaid made by Heys,I got it at TJ Maxx for only $60!
Heres my new Gucci bag too,I loves it!
Well I shall be back soon with lots of good desert pics!


Sweet Glam

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Divija Reddy said...

safe journey, dear :) come back soon...