Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Jill Stuart had my jumping for joy when I received my lovely Mix Blush package!
These are more beautiful than could be described.
The compact is very classy,and has a lace design on the top of the compact.
The brush that comes with it,in my opinion,is great.
Its stiff enough to pick up a good amount of product,yet soft enough to blend.
I love how you can create an array of looks with the 4 different colours.
I received:
101 Platinum Illuminance
102 Gold Illuminance
07 Lovely Tulip
(pictured L to R)
So far,my fave of the bunch is 102 Gold Illuminance,it gives a soft pinky-peachy glow.
101 seems to pretty to use-the colours are infused with a topcoat layer of a glitter/sparkle design.
No wonder these are highly coveted around the globe!
I'm awaiting the arrival of Fresh Apricot Mix Blush ..I can't wait!
These retail for about $50 usd and can be found on various online shops:
Gooddealer,Ichibankao..please check my post on where to shop for Japanese cosmetics.

What do you think about Jill Stuart products?
Hate them,love them..want to try them?

Let me know your thoughts!

Sweet Glam0ur

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Chiaki in here said...

Hey,Im ur new follower..
I never tried it before but I really fallin love with the packaging..maybe I will do save a lil bit to purchase one of jill suart's product..
I've been curious with Jill Stuart Jewel Collection Crystal Diamond Powder... u have any suggestion what product of eyeshadow liquid that give us the natural look..