Thursday, February 11, 2010


Jill Stuart Mix Blush is not for the faint of heart!
If you love blushers,and gorgeous packaging,this brand will be sure to capture your attention.
The quad blushers come in princess-like compacts which make them ultra alluring.
It contains 4 colors,and has a nice quality (removable) attached brush.

Jill Stuart is a high end cosmetic brand in Japan.
Though there isn't a counter for this brand,I have heard that there is a Jill Stuart Flagship store in soho,NYC.
The mix blush compacts remain her #1 selling item,but she does have an array of great cosmetic products.
The average price is around $50 usd.You can find them in various online shops,although some sites will be marked up quite a bit.

The quality of the blush is supposed to be smooth.Its not super pigmented,but it is buildable to give you a soft,diffused glow of color.

I'm getting 3 colors: Platinum Illuminance (LE),Gold Illuminance(LE),and Lovely Tulip.

I simply can't wait to add these beautiful gems to my collection!
I will post pics once I receieve them.

If you're looking for a great,soft blush Jill Stuart's Mix Blush will be sure to please!

You can google to purchase or go here.

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