Monday, January 18, 2010


Yes,you read right! NYX is having a huge blowout $1 makeup sale!
I haven't really used NYX makeup before,although I have played with the colors as they sell the brand in fragrance stores in the Orlando outlet malls.
The colors and packaging is similar to M.A.C,it almost looks like a copycat brand in a way.
The colors are suprisingly pigmented,and its intrigued me for awhile.
Im always on the hunt for that HG status foundation,so I decided to snatch up some liquid and powder foundations with this offer I couldn't refuse!
The powders/liquids retail for about $12-14,depending where you get them.
Heres what my order consisted of:

Black Label Powder:Ivory and Buff
Twin Cake Powder:Pale and Ivory
Liquid Make Up:Pale and Ivory
Liquid Make Up Glass: Pale

I figured whichever foundations I don't want,I'll just use in my freelance makeup kit.
I wanted to get some lashes which were also on sale,but when I had 10 items in my cart,shipping came to over $14!
I took some items out,and got it down to $11 for about$18 is very good for everything I got!
I'll definitely do some haul pics,and review these once I get them.
Hopefully its as good as people rave about!

Do you like NYX? Are you going to haul it?
Let me know!

Sweet Glam

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Divija Reddy said...

I guess we dont have NYX in UK, but heard 2 months back that Harrods is stocking up!

So, am yet to try these! dying 4 d haul!

can i email u today, wud u be able to reply, dear? i always postpone thinking u r too busy to reply!