Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Lush Honey I washed the Kids scent is the most amazing scent ive ever smelled. Its Honey,Toffee,Caramel infused with sweet orange oil.
Its one of Lush's best selling scents.
I instantly became addicted,and now I have the soap,solid perfume,and most recently,
the limited edition liquid perfume.
Its simply liquid heaven in a bottle!

I purchased mine at a special Lush party,and my Lush store only had the special limited fragrances for one day;however they have some online which are selling quick!
Being at Lush is like being a kid in a candy store..theres so many delightful,delicious products!
I love that the company is cruelty-free,and has tons of natural,vegan ingredients.
If you haven't been--you must go to Lush and experience the ambience!

You can purchase Lush limited edition perfumes here!

1 comment:

Divija Reddy said...

Liquid heaven LOL :)

I have been to Lush, but was lukin' here n there 4 help coz I didnt know wat 2 buy!

Wud really appreciate any recommendations! thnq 4 d sweet comments!