Saturday, November 14, 2009


A Little NARS history:

Nars cosmetics was created by Francois Nars, a world renowned make up artist and photographer. Nars cosmetics takes a colorful and modern approach to make up and has a full array of edgy lipsticks, foundation, powders, lip gloss and eye shadow.
Nars also offers cosmetic tools and a line of premium skin care.

So in the last month,i've been craving some NARS multiple sticks.
What are they?

The Multiple
Nars The Multiple is the original all-in-one, cream-to-powder, multi-purpose makeup stick. With fingertip application, The Multiple highlights, sculpts, and warms eyes, cheeks, lips, and body in an array of shades from sheer accents to mauve and bronze.

They're so versatile,and portable which makes it great for us on-the-go girls.
Theres a great variety of colors to suit all skin tones.
They retail for $37 usd..seems a bit much at first but considering all of the uses you can get it makes it well worth it.
I'll definitely be picking a few of these up.
On my wishlist:
Luxor,Orgasm,Maui,Copacabana,Riviera,South Beach.
Luxor,an iridiscent pink,is so beautiful..
This would give you an angelic glow to your skin anywhere you put it.
Im so excited to get these!!

You can purchase these from Nordstrom.

Which multiple is your fave? Which ones do you plan on getting?
I'd love to know!

Sweet Glamour

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