Wednesday, September 23, 2009



Such an amazing brand! I've fallen in love with alot of their perfumes..
Why,you ask? Simply because they have so many wonderful variations of Vanilla!

My collection consists of:

-Vanille Abricot
-Vanille Coco
-Vanille Peche
-Vanille Cannelle
-Matin Calin (Sugar Milk)

Vanille Abricot is a cult favorite and won many beauty awards.
While it is awesome,and will remain a staple,I must say Vanille Coco has stolen my heart completely.

Its super creamy,almost has a buttery note with a subtle hint of coconuts and delicious Vanilla with a sweetness of pure vanilla.Its very comforting,and reminds me of those gorgeous summer days at the beach.Paradise in a bottle!
I always receive compliments on this,even after to my nose its faded,its still quite apparent to others.

I would love to get my hands on Coco Figue,The newest release,and also Amour de cacao which has chocolate notes..if I get them I will definitely review!

VANILLE COCO [vánîy-koko]

A gentle, warm and sweet breeze strokes paradisiacal islands and offers dream scents: vanilla from Tahiti, coco milk, heliotrope for a beautiful exotic escape.

VANILLE-ABRICOT [vánîy-àbrikô]

The delicious scent of jackfruit, apricot and papaya pulp sprinkled with vanilla and sugar candy.

Do you love CSP,which one is your fave? I'd love to know!

You can purchase CSP at,and see more of their collection on the website below.

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