Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Im soo excited! I got my hands on some highly sought after highlighters,and I can see what all the hype is about!

I' ve searched long & hard for Etude House Smile cheek pearls,and finally found them from an ebay seller who had actually listed another smile item! These cheek pearls leave a gorgeous,ethereal pink iridescent glow when all colors are combined.

Etude House is a korean brand,and they have a cute line of cosmetics,and the price point is good if you can get them around retail,not the marked up price.

Second,is the Skinfood Muffin Cake All over finish in Strawberry Honey.I was lucky to have a friend in Hong Kong CP this for me,although I believe Skinfood is
a korean brand.Its a gorgeous,sheer finish with a hint of sparkle.

Last but not least,is the infamous Etude Marbleade #3.
This is very similar to M.A.C Lightscapade..and less than 1/2 the price considering the MSF is extremely rare.It has a very fine shimmer to highlight.I would say it seems to be a little more frosty than its M.A.C counterpart..but it makes a great replacement!
I got this for $12.99 w/free shipping!

Which one do you think is prettiest? What highlighter are you lemming?

Im dying to know!

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Daphne said...

i like this

Anastacia said...

Such a nice stuffies!

Thu said...

I really wish I had the option of online shopping! These look so good. Gah! I should go to Korea for my overseas holiday lol