Thursday, July 24, 2008


America's Most wanted : Sexy,Sultry Lashes

If you haven't noticed,big,long,luxurious lashes are all the newest rage.
It really does define your eyes,and create a polished,or a dramatic look.
People will goto extremes to make their peepers pop!
Some women (and men)opt to get lash extensions,wear false lashes,as well as purchase "lash conditioners" to help stimulate growth of lashes.
The most common way: yes,you guessed it; our beloved lengthening & volumizing mascaras.
As always,now more than ever-the beauty industry is booming with products to fufill our whim and need.They're raking in the big bucks.
Do these products live up to their claims?
You would hope so ; as the wishes for fuller lashes don't come cheap.
Lets go over some of the lash options i've mentioned.
  1. Lash extensions : semi-permanent;made of synthetic fibers ;applied individually-can be a 3-4 hour process.Ranges from $300-500 and up.Last 4-8 weeks depending on how good you take care of them;needs contstant touch-ups.
  2. False lashes : easy to apply (for the most part-sometimes takes practice),safe,removable,resuable.Best when used w/DUO surgical adhesive.Certain makeup counters can apply their lashes for you (i.e M.A.C,Laura Mercier,Shu).Most cost-efficient option-lasts for 1 day,until taken off.
  3. Lash conditioners: Unique products vary in formulations but are similar by creating the appearence of thicker,longer,fuller lashes.Some claim to stimulate growth.

Mascaras:Hello Mr.curler,Hi Ms.Mascara! Some good old lash tube loving is what we all use for our daily routine to pump-it-up! (No pun intended :p)I still have just a sorry sack of disheveled,dry,brittle broken lashes with this option!

Not many people have heard the hype about lash conditioners.

What are they? How do they work? What is the cost?

Lash conditioner products work by specific ingredients that stimuate hair growth,giving the appearance of full,thick,long lashes.

Heres some brands that have had good reviews:

  1. Jan Marini Lash $150 / .23 oz
  2. Revitalash $135/ .13 oz
  3. MD Lash factor* $140/ .2 oz
  4. Lilash $140/ .18 oz -90 day money back guarantee
  5. Dermaquest Dermalash $90 / .27 oz

Is it worth the splurge,to try products that may or may not work?

I haven't tried any of these yet,but I hope to be one of the many with fabulous,lush lashes!

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