Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best Vanilla Perfumes in the world!


So its summer time;
the sunshine's beaming,
you got that awesome glowy tan,
perfect flawless summer makeup,
carefree,tousled,beachy hair..
Now all you need:
A sumptuous,delectable summer fragrance!
Vanilla is perfect for the season,well all I suppose :)
If you're a vanilla addict like me,
I discovered some perfumes & compiled a list of some that
are some women's best kept secret..
read on!

  1. Comptoir Sud Pacifique - Vanille Abricot
  2. Yves Rocher - Bourbon Vanilla
  3. L'aromarine -Vanille
  4. Les Senteurs Vanille - Molinard
  5. Lavanila -Pure Vanilla
  6. Laura Mercier - Vanille Gourmande
  7. Serge Lutens - Un bois Vanille
  8. L'occitaine - Vanille
  9. La Ligne De St Barth - West Indies Vanille
  10. Annick Goutal - Vanille Exquise

These all range from gourmand,to pure vanilla..

all with a touch of mystery,sensuality,smokiness..

Vanilla is so delicious & yummy..

you are bound to turn more than a few heads with one of the sexy,sweet scents..

Alot of E-tailers also carry some great,unique scent combos.

Few of my fave:

Have a yummy filled summer!

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