Monday, May 26, 2008

Building your Makeup Kit for Freelance Makeup

Building a Makeup Artist Kit


A makeup kit will be a very important element in your career.
This will be the heart of your business;
just as a painter needs brushes & paint;
you need the tools & the cake!
Investing in quality cosmetic products,brushes & tools will make all the difference in the world for application ;
If you don't have the proper tools,the most expensive makeup in the world can look horrid,leaving your client dissatisfied,and ready to bash your reputation.
You always want to be well stocked,otherwise you may find yourself in a bind.
Heres the basic essentials of a MUA Kit:
  1. Disposables-Mascara wands,Lip brushes,Sponges (a variety of size,texture & shape),Spatulas,Kleenex,eye liner wands (for liquid,or use a brush if you prefer)Cotton pads,Q-tips,
  2. Alcohol-in a spray bottle
  3. Brushes-M.A.C Cosmetics has the best professional brushes;The quality is far superior than any other brand-they are an investment but worth every penny.What you need:#129,#150,#217,#224,#213,#219,#266,#187,#188.I will go into depth on these brushes in a later post.You will achieve amazing results w/these!
  4. Makeup Removers: Wipes/Eye makeup remover
  5. Eye cream to reduce puffiness/redness
  6. Makeup Primers-Face,Eyes,lips
  7. Foundation Palettes-Graftobian & Cinema Secrets are professional hi-def foundations-doubles as concealers as well-price is right too!
  8. Makeup setting spray-M.A.C Fix+ is Awesome!
  9. Lashes + DUO adhesive-These always come in handy!
  10. Eyeshadow palettes-You always need a good variety of colors.
  11. Lip Palettes-Get a good mix to compliment all skin tones/colors.
  12. Tweezers/Lash curlers-Can make a big difference!
  13. Setting powder-Invisible powders work w/every skin color,makes the foundation last longer + look more flawless.
  14. All-in-one eyebrow brush/comb
  15. Eyeliners-Shadows can double as liners,but try to have an array of kohl pencils.
  16. Mascara-Get ones for length + volume in black & brown
  17. Germ x-To sanitize hands
  18. Cleanser/toner/Moisturizer-Dermalogica has great travel kits for all skin types.

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